The “How-To” for Chapters to Implement Successful Investment Plans

Chapter Best Practices Sessions
Roy Burton, PMIWDC

Does your Chapter have:
• Mature financial policies and procedures;
• Adequate cash reserves for 12 months of non-revenue generating expenses;
• Certificates of Deposits or savings account(s);
• Checking account(s) with large cash balances; and / or
• An audit report recommending you develop an investment strategy?
This session will focus on establishing, executing, monitoring and reporting investment policies and procedures. PMIWDC had all of the above before developing an Investment Policy in 2011 outlining an overall philosophy addressing the issue of earning “real growth” for a portfolio. Our fiduciary responsibility requires an “informed prudent investor” approach that assumes a need to maintain some risk to earn a return growth higher than inflation (real growth). In addition to discussions of best practices and leveraging current relationships with your financial institutions, participants will receive a “kit” to help you get started. It will include lessons learned, along with templates for a charter, policy and providing periodic reports to the Board. Even though you don’t need $20,000 start, your investing should not be based solely on your available cash, but also on risk assessments, priorities and a strategy.

Friday, March 20 | 9:45 AM to 10:30 AM

Roy Burton

Mr. Roy Burton, CGFM, PMP, CABM has over 30 years of documented success in financial, compensation, project and human resource management. Proven track record in short and long term planning and leading teams to task completion.

Mr. Burton has supported the Washington, DC Chapter of the Project Management Institute for twelve years. Served as the first Chairperson of Luncheons and as VP, Volunteers and Business Services, currently as the Chief Financial Officer since 2011.