Jocelyn S. Davis

Happiness at Work Survey

Happiness at Work may sound like an oxymoron to many of us, but it is key to creating and sustaining a workplace that reliably yields great work and a positive work experience for employees at all levels. Jocelyn S. Davis and Nelson Hart LLC have begun a research project to determine the impact of volunteer well-being or happiness on the volunteer experience. Workplace research overwhelmingly supports the strategic value of creating great places to work; this research explores the strategic value of creating great places to volunteer.

Since happiness at work is positively linked to favorable changes in key performance indicators, this presentation is essential for those who manage volunteers and will share results from the survey of Region 5 board members identifying strengths and opportunities in creating a great volunteer experience.

About the Speaker

Jocelyn S. Davis is the president of Nelson Hart LLC, a consulting firm that works with clients in all sectors to help them develop teams and workplaces where individuals flourish and organizations thrive. Jocelyn brings strong, practical experience to her work and presentations, combining hard science with soft skills. She was chief financial officer of AARP, and treasurer and chief financial officer of the ICMA Retirement Corporation and ICMA Retirement Trust which provide defined contribution pension plans to state and local government employees. She has served on several boards both as a member and as committee chair: GAVI Fund (a nonprofit funded by the Gates Foundation serving children in the world’s poorest countries), the American Psychological Association (as an outside financial expert on the audit and investment committees), the Allmerica Investment Trust (a mutual fund).

Jocelyn is an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland, College Park at the Project Management Center for Excellence. She has developed and teaches two innovative positive psychology courses: Managing Project Teams and Evolving as a Leader.