Joel Epstein

Friday Morning Keynote Presentation: Big Egos

Joel Epstein started his career in the highly competitive real estate finance industry. He quickly rose to the top of his profession and is recognized nationally for his accomplishments. He then began training and coaching in other industries, nationally and internationally. Joel has been coaching, mentoring, training and delivering motivational presentations for over 20 years. He is truly passionate about helping others achieve their goals and dreams, both personally and professionally.

Joel is also the author of The Little Book on Big Ego and the founder and CEO of Friction Factor. What is Friction Factor? Joel believes that your success in life depends on how you view every single occurrence in your day-to-day life. Joel's Friction Factor presentations and workshops incorporate his theories into real life scenarios that allow the attendees to analyze and view disagreements, stressful situations, rude customers, and aggressive people in a whole new light. Joel's incredible success in the business world allows him to truly understand the day-to-day trials and tribulations of just about every potential scenario.

Spend some time with Joel and he will profoundly change the way you interact with your co-workers, employees, team members, family members, business partners, and the list goes on. Joel has appeared on numerous radio and television programs in the U.S and Canada, including nationally on CNN, Fox, Access Hollywood, NBC, ABC, CW, Sirius Satellite Radio, ABC Radio Network and USA Radio Network discussing ego. Producers, anchors and hosts rave about his ability to connect with the audience. They always say they wish they had more time to talk with Joel and invite him back to their shows. Joel has years of experience dealing with out-of-control egos in stressful situations and has learned that understanding EGO is the key to a successful life.