Self-Awareness: The First Step to Professional Fulfillment and Effective Service

Erin Bankey

The essential first step to effective project management and leadership is being able to understand yourself, your communication style, and the vision of the project’s sponsor to be able to work effectively with a team and continuously grow your own skills and abilities. This talk will give a framework to help you learn more about you and charter a course for developing your own professional development plan to seek, land, and thrive on projects. You’re able to best serve others when you’re at your best, so its time to know what that truly means. Core Elements of the Framework Include:

  1. Know Yourself: Various assessments and reflection techniques are shared in overview to help you learn about what special talents you bring to a project team.
  2. Protect and Stabilize Self-Worth: Its not enough to know your skills, but you must understand your personal values to make sure you’re in a healthy, productive, and effective state. This also gives you direction to assess how it fits with the chapter and volunteer constituency you serve to align to prioritization and planning processes.
  3. Build a Network: Seek out mentors and protégés with similar interests, passions, and knowledge that helps you find the right projects, volunteers, and chapters to add to your network for project success.
  4. Test Reality: Use your trusted network and judgment to try new ideas and test that even as projects unfold and teams change you’re keeping a relevant perspective and staying true to yourself.
  5. Take a Break or Move On: Not every project is appropriate for any given project manager or chapter. You’ll gain an approach to how to assess when it is past the point of toughing it out or when a project is best put on the self to be reassessed at a later date.
  6. Vetting Teams and Personnel: Use your self-knowledge, as a tool for why to select one project over another is essential as a leader for the overall benefit of the chapter and volunteers who serve. (This might happen out of order depending on what point of your chapter development or project lifecycle you’ve reached.)
  7. Thriving in the Right Project: You’ve finally got your dream team and the perfect project – tips on how to thrive!
Friday, March 20 | 4:15 PM to 5:00 PM

Erin Bankey

Erin Bankey is a management consulting professional who believes the best personal and business outcomes result from appropriate career alignment with organizational strategy for people to be engaged and passionate at work. Her background in communications and public policy lead her to lead organizational change initiatives shaping her interest in human capital management and its essential role in empowering individuals to follow their callings and build effective teams.