Servant Leadership

Susan Parente

Servant Leadership is focused on serving your team, rather than your team serving you. Out of serving one's team, a desire to lead is manifest. Servant Leadership is radically different than when the leader is leading first. When the focus is on leading first, it is very easy to use your power, your title (role in the hierarchy), or the fact that you were put in charge, as the basis of your actions. When we employ servant leadership, we support our team as a whole, and its individual members, in their growth and development. We ensure that their highest needs are being met through our support and service. This may seem foreign; however consider those leaders you admire the most. What do they provide to you and your organization? Attend this session to engage in transforming our conversations about leadership and initiate dialogue with our colleagues and leaders on how leaders support us well. What can we do to enhance leadership support, so we can be more effective team members and leaders ourselves? Let’s concentrate on what we can do as project managers to be more effective leaders for out teams and how others can lead more effectively. Rather than focusing on what doesn’t work, let’s consider what does work and engage in conversations about effective leadership, not just with our team, but with those who lead us. As leaders it is valuable for us to know what works well for our team members and equally valuable to share with our leaders (and our team) what works well for us.

Friday, March 20 | 2:15 PM to 3:00 PM

Susan Parente, PMP, PMI-RMP

Susan Parente is a project engineer, consultant, speaker, author, and mentor who leads large complex IT software implementation projects, and the establishment of Enterprise PMOs. She has 13+ years experience leading software and business development projects in the private and public sectors, including a decade of experience implementing IT projects for the DoD. Ms. Parente is also an Associate Professor at Post University in CT. She has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rochester in NY and has a MS in Engineering Management from George Washington University in DC.